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What you receive :

Beautiful Flower Candle perfect for setting intentions. Bowl sold separately.


Symbolism & Meaning:

Pink Rose : Grace, Happiness and Gentleness

White Rose: Purity, Innocence, Reverence, A new beginning, a fresh start.

A bouquet of 3 roses means " I love You". 1 means, love at first sight, 2 means Mutual Fealings, 3 I love you.


How to use:

This candle is handmade and there may be slight variations with each one. Please trim the wick for best performance. Place candle on a hard surface. We reccomend purchasing one of our ceramic plates as a great addition or gift to a loved one.

Please do not leave the candle unattended once you light it.


Size of candle is 3 inches tall and burn time for complete melt is 4 hours.

Beautiful Flower Candle

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