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 My name is Jessica.  Some people call me Jess and my family calls me Jesi.

You can call me Jesi. 

 I started my handmade Bath & Body business called Divinity Scent Bar in 2018. Since then, I have evolved in both the  "art" of leadership and in being a "creative".  It is through this journey, where my passion for both helping others succeed and being an artisan in my spare time, lead a genuine desire to build a platform where I could combine the two. 


This marriage was created in an effort to inspire others to unlock their own potential and purpose. 

My Core Beliefs & My Why 

I wanted to create a space on my platform to share my passion for art, candles, skin care, ceramics and DIY projects.  My goal is to share this journey with you and possibly encourage you to tap into your inner artist. In fact, a fun fact is that at the age of 9, I created a whole chemistry lab in my parents garage when I dreamed of being a scientist one day. I never quite made it to being a scientist but later in life would find that suppressed passion for creating would be unleashed! 


My professional background ranges from real estate, small business, finance and leadership. Art is a tool for me to relax, express myself and spend quality time reflecting on what’s important. I get lost in creating and it helps to ground me in love, family, mindset and intention. I find it to be magical when we  allow ourselves to use imagination and creativity to bring ideas into reality. In addition, I also want to share my knowledge and help build confidence when you're not quite sure where to start. I've made so many mistakes along the way and while I encourage failure as an opportunity to allow us to learn and grow, I want to support with best practices and tips if I can. 

Lastly, I am hoping that through what you see on my platform, you feel inspired to do what brings you JOY. Whether it's by picking up a hobby to venture into your creative side, or starting a side business to make some extra cash,  You got this!  Let's go on this journey together! You are perfect, you are worth it and you deserve it!  

My Mission, Values & Vision 

I want to inspire women to tap into their passions, explore everything they are capable of and unleash their greatest potential! 

My Values: 

  • Authenticity & Integrity

  • Encouragement & Resilience

  • Creativity & Inspiration

My Vision:

To have inspired & unleashed potential in others while creating a sense of community through our purpose driven platform.

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Jesi Ceramics
Divinity Scent Bar Baby Shower Soaps

My Credentials

  • NY & NJ Real Estate License and practiced 10 years.

  • NJ Title Insurance Producer License, 2 years. 

  •  Series 6 & 63 investment licenses,10 years.

  • Banking, Small Business and Finance, 14 years. 

  • Leadership experience including portfolio management with staff of 300+.Total Retail Sales Managment, 17 years.

  •  School of Natural Skincare, 2017.

  • Ceramic making, since 2021

  • Candle & Soap Making, self developed since 2017


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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