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Hey Loves! I wanted to introduce myself.

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Welcome to my "one stop" blog where you can expect inspirational content on starting a business, DIY projects, side hustles and everything else you didn't know you needed.

My name is Jessica. Some people call me Jess and my family calls me Jesi.

You can call me Jesi .

I started my handmade Bath & Body business called Divinity Scent Bar in 2018. Since then, I have evolved in both the "art" of leadership and in being "a creative". It is through this journey, where my passion for both helping others succeed and being an artisan in my spare time, lead a genuine desire to build a platform where I could combine the two.

This marriage was created in an effort to inspire others to unlock their own potential and purpose.

My Core Beliefs

Part of growing is about believing in yourself and being ok with taking risk. After all, it's through mistakes that make us more resilient. Failing at something offers an opportunity for us to learn and grow so don't be afraid of it! I always say " Fail Faster" so we can make a change quicker. I also believe that the beauty of our life experiences is in the journey.

I am hoping that through what you see on my platform, you feel inspired to do what brings you JOY. Whether it's by picking up a hobby to venture into your creative side, or starting a side hustle to make some extra cash, You got this! Let's go on this journey together. You are perfect, you are worth it and you deserve it!

My Mission, Values & Vision

I want to inspire women to tap into their passions, explore everything they are capable of and unleash their greatest potential!

My Values:

  • Authenticity & Integrity

  • Encouragement & Resilience

  • Creativity & Inspiration

My Vision:

To have inspired & unleashed potential in others while creating a sense of community through our purpose driven platform.

How to use my blog.

You will notice that the blog is separated into categories. Please take a moment to explore what resonates with you.

Listed below are the categories and their intent but as I evolve so will some of the content.

1. All About Formulation Ingredients: is designed with the intent of exploring beauty ingredients and the benefits for your skin & hair. Here I will share about what I have learned over the years around beauty ingredients and how I have used them in my own formulations.

2. All About Jesi: takes you through my personal journey as I blog about my passions in addition to living in SOCAL( Southern California). Here you will get to know more about me, my background and my love for creating.

3. DIY Projects: is designed to share my projects, formulations and learnings as a business owner. I know the journey of "creating" is both exciting and sometimes overwhelming which is why I want to offer some insight and inspiration for your next projects.

4.Ambassador Spotlight : this category is intended to build community by empowering others. Designed with a "no woman left behind" philosophy, we create a safe space to share diverse perspectives & learnings from woman with different backgrounds, careers and life experiences. Here we get to create a platform to celebrate woman and their journey with Joy, Empowerment, Self-Growth & Inspiration. Our guests also considered ambassadors, will share with authenticity, in how they have been able to honor the values of curiosity and courage. We explore how they have overcame obstacles, learned from failures and were able to move forward with purpose.

I hope that gives you a good glimpse on myself and what JESI is here to do. Please leave a comment and provide any feedback on any content you would like to see. I will do my best to produce it for you.

For exclusive access to our digital printable library and updates, Join our community below!

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